A random five-seconds during the Washington Capitals 4-3 victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning Friday night at Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. was all it took for me to start researching Lightning forward Steven Stamkos’ drinking problem (if you want to learn more about what happened on the ice, game recaps can be found here from Russian Machine Never Breaks and Japer’s Rink).

The beverage of choice is the popular sports performance drink Gatorade, and it isn’t that Stamkos drinks too much of it. Quite to the contrary, a Comcast SportsNet DC camera caught him dribbling it out of his mouth all over his jersey.

Similar to a boxer, I thought maybe he just didn’t want to carry the “water weight” but decided to check into it.

It seems I missed news from NBC Sports Network’s Pro Hockey Talk that BioSteel is quickly becoming NHL players’ drink of choice during games, and Stamkos is actually one of their biggest spokesmen, as can be seen on the BioSteel Website.

Stamkos image on the homepage of the BioSteel.com Website

Players look to get every edge they can and it seems Stamkos, and numerous other name NHL players, are turning to the BioSteel products and training programs of former NHL player Gary Roberts and former NHL trainer, and founder of BioSteel, Matt Nichol.

Gatorade may still be the name, but pay attention as BioSteel makes their way further into the game. Could we have another David vs. Goliath, Nike vs. Under Armour confrontation presenting itself?

With every goal Stamkos scores, including one against Tomas Vokoun in last night’s loss to Washington, that scenario gains legitimacy.

Now I’m curious to know if any Capitals players are on the BioSteel program.