As my butterflies revved up to full power prior to game five in the Washington Capitals vs. Boston Bruins playoff series, I did have a lighthearted, surprise moment.

I met a friend at The Diamondback Tavern in Ellicott City, MD for the game, my first public outing of this series. As I checked in on Foursquare I was rewarded with a simple digital badge from the NHL.

It is part of the new promotional campaign, “Because it’s the Cup.”

Greg Wyshynski, Yahoo! Sports’ “Puck Daddy,” provides more details on the fully integrated campaign in his blog post, ‘Because It’s The Cup’: Will the NHL’s courtship of casual fans make Stanley Cup Playoffs a social success?

I may not be a part of the casual fan target audience, but I do appreciate the approach by the marketing team at the NHL.

Nice job, team.