Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco. Photo by John Middlebrook

Photo by John Middlebrook

Are three weeks — and any earned playoff games — enough for Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco to showcase his value to the team?

After the Ravens dismissed Cam Cameron as offensive coordinator earlier in the week, I agree with The Baltimore Sun’s Peter Schmuck¬†that an impromptu “show us what you’ve got” is now in effect for the young signal caller out of the University of Delaware.

The Cam-cuffs are off and his replacement, Jim Caldwell, has a history of success when his QB’s ideas and input are incorporated into the game plan and play-calling. That was with Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts, so the approach has been proven elsewhere. Now the question becomes — can Flacco begin further establish himself and come close to matching what Manning has done as a leader.

From a fan perspective I’m really excited to see this. I like Flacco and feel he has the tools to be what this team and fan base need him to be.

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco and former offensive coordinator Cam Cameron. Photo by John Middlebrook.

Flacco and Cameron dance together for the last time at FedExField last Sunday. Photo by John Middlebrook

An important trait to watch this Sunday will be his body language during games. It pained me to watch how distant he seemed when Cameron would try to talk to him on the sidelines or when he would get visually frustrated when a play-call would come in late from the sidelines.

It is tough to do your job consistently at a high level when there is no true direction, consistency or nurturing leadership, especially if the decision makers above you keep moving the target and approach. I believe the Ravens have now removed those distractions and everyone will see a rejuvenated #5 take the field at M&T Bank Stadium against no less than Peyton Manning and his Denver Broncos on Sunday.

Earn the curtain calls on the field Joe — and Steve Bisciotti and Ozzie Newsome will see to the contract.