I’ve never quite delineated whether the name of this blog was to serve the purpose of a cozy, Cheers-esque sports pub or an online sports publication.

The more thought that goes into it, I’m happy for that fact and want The Pub to be a multi-purpose destination to discuss sports, fan culture, social media and sports business surrounding the games, leagues, governing bodies and events that inspire emotion, consumption and engagement.

The RH Sports Pub began in January of 2010 on Maryland Street in San Diego, CA.

I was a displaced Washington Capitals fan in need of a creative outlet to share the joys, and exorcise the demons, of my day-to-day fandom while working for a digital client list including US Soccer, NFL International, ATP World Tour, ESPNRISE, Atlanta Falcons, Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Sounders, Major League Soccer, SportsBusiness Journal/Daily, International Speedway Corporation and the entertainment side of USA Swimming at Swimnetwork.com.

My wife and I at Staples Center in Los Angeles for Capitals vs. Kings in 2008.

After receiving positive feedback from friends and also benefitting from the generous link sharing Daily Caps Clips of JapersRink.com, I started putting more time and attention into the property, leading to the current redesign and expansion.

After returning to the East Coast, I met Sarah, who may not be quite as passionate about sports, but is a creative force who pushes herself to new limits daily in her pursuit of design, development and all-around excellence in anything she touches.

We look forward to introducing more “barflies,” friends and contributors to The Pub and its varied content and will always strive to entertain, educate and expose important aspects of sports culture and business.

Thanks for joining us and we hope you enjoy!