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Playing sports is fun. Following sports and being part of the community immersed in and around a given sport, team or athlete is sometimes even more fun.

I’ll usually be sharing thoughts on the Washington Capitals, National Hockey League and relative media, pop culture and sports business. I’m here to express opinion and hopefully celebrate as much as possible about the positives in sport, sports business and sports media (though I will throw an elbow here and there too).

Picture with Bondra during his rookie season

The Washington Capitals former training facility at Piney Orchard (MD) was about 10 minutes from my house so the Capitals were just part of the community. When working at the Crofton Country Club Golf Course I would “accidentally” provide goalie Don Beaupre and forward Bob Joyce an extra bucket of range balls when they stopped by. It was also common to bump into Peter Bondra or Dmitri Khristich at the local grocery store.

As for professional experience I worked in the National Football League for 13 years and the following organizations, respectively: the Baltimore Ravens, Washington Redskins, Cleveland Browns, NFL Network and NFL.com. After joining interactive agency Digitaria, and their sports vertical, I was a digital strategist for clients including US Soccer, ESPNRISE, NFL International, SportsBusiness Journal/Daily, MLS and many more. If you’re interested in more details of my professional background, please feel free to check out my LinkedIn Profile.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the game and the fans. Everything else falls into place based off that experience and the passion evoked from it. That’s why I’m enjoying this blog and the different angles I can take regarding my favorite hockey team.

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