Review by: Catherine O’Brien

Apothic Red

Modesto, CA 

Apothic Red is a lush blend of Syrah, Zinfandel and Merlot.  When I first came across it while visiting Frederick, MD. it was the dramatic red and black label and its affordable price tag (around $10.00) that attracted me.  The wine and its name were inspired by the Apotheca (probably from the Latin root word “apothecary” –  since wine does indeed contain medicinal properties!!), the name for a place where wines were blended and stored in 13th century Europe.

The wine is made in Modesto, CA and the vintage currently on the shelves is 2009.  The color is a deep, rich garnet and the aroma is full of black cherries.  The feel in your mouth is full and smooth.  It is what I often describe as a “chewy” wine – so big and lush that you almost feel like you can chew the fruit.  As in the aroma, black cherries are the dominant flavor but you may find additional flavors such as vanilla, chocolate or mocha.

My tasting group decided it was a perfect summer red because of its fruity, easy drinking qualities.  However, this is definitely a year round wine.  Try it with red meat, cheeses (especially hearty blue cheeses, aged cheddars or aged Gouda), and pasta dishes.

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